Thursday, May 18, 2017

Winter / Spring 2017

I am getting bad at keeping up this blog, but I love having it as my ditigal library.  The kids enjoy looking back at photos - as do I, so I need to make a better effort.  Time is just so short these days.

Here are some memories of the past few months....

We did lots of skating:

Lots of skiing:

Took the kids to their first Flames Hockey Game: 

Kids got bigger ...and cuter:  

Neela and her friend entered the Science Fair at the school...and achieved a finalist spot, going on to attend the City Youth Science Fair together where they received an honorary recognition.

Ashton achieved his Yellow belt in Hapkido:

Finally got back to the zoo:

Celebrated Valentine's Day....
 ....St. Patrick's Day....
 ....and Easter!

Had lots of family time:

Ashton *finally* lost his first tooth in March, and lost his second tooth shortly after:

The weather slowly we got a small trampoline for the yard:

Nigel and I jetted off for a short trip to Vancouver, with friends, to watch U2 perform:

Ashton celebrated his 1st Communion May 14th:

With his beloved second grade teacher Mrs. Pasutto

And I got myself some new specs! 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

This was a wonderful Christmas!   I can't recall the last time that a season was as easy, relaxed, and carefree.  For the first time in *years* I didn't touch my computer for days... I took an honest vacation from work.  It's been too long.

The kids were very excited leading up to the big day. As usual, they were spoiled rotten and extremely pleased.

The last week of school. 

As soon as school let out - we went skiing. We hadn't been for 2 years so we started out with a day on the bunny hill to get the kids back up to speed.  They caught on fast.

It snowed a lot this season...which I loved. Made it so festive.

My view from the couch...where I sat snuggled up reading (bliss!) with the Christmas tree glowing, while the kids played a game with Nigel.

Christmas morning!

These two loved their back rests...which were paired up with big stacks of books.  

Neela got some new items for her room 

The beloved Hatchimal.  Santa blessed us with one of these hard-to-find gifts.  It was actually rather entertaining for the entire family to watch it hatch.

Christmas dinner at mom's

Boxing day dawned clear and crisp.  Beautiful sunrise as we headed out to the mountains.  Boxing day is a great day to crowds.

Finally, a day of rest and relaxation.  The kids worked on their giant lego sets for hours. 

We went sledding at confederation park, at night, with the lovely lights and music.